Hav Surfboards.

Hand made custom surfbaords.

Space Project PRF.

Our all round model.

Paddle Power

Extra paddle for those fast waves.


When waves become more radical.


Blow up the waves!.


First steps with your Hav surfboard.

tabla de surf hav

Hav Surfboards.

Two people with surfing and innovation passion, meet by chance in a workshop. Both believe in the same, no surfer is like another , for this reason our surfboards are 100 % custom, meticulously studying the surfer's needs and adapting to get the best performace of each surfboard.

Functional and artistic exclusivity is our way. Technical and scientific come together to shape a unique product, your new HAV SURFBOARD.

Come and meet us in person at our workshop in Barcelona. There, you can have a look at our facilities and we will design your new surfboard. In addition , we also provide repair service.

tabla de surf mediterraneamente

Mediterraneamente, perfect for small conditions!

¿Are you looking for a summer surfboard or weak waves? This is your right choice!

paddle power surfboard

Paddle Power, our one quiver board.

This shortboard works in all conditions. Perfect if you just travel with a single surfboard.

la comoda Hav

La Comoda: Relaxed surfing!

This is our Egg / Malibú. Enjoy those small days.

calimita jump Hav Surfboards

Calamita Jump

Maximum fun in small waves!

evolutive surfboard

Evolutive Revolution.

Easy paddling and good stability in the take off will make your surf progress quickly.

ice cream surfboard

Your summer board, Ice Cream!

Summer board with the volume forward for better paddling also with a narrower tail made this board an allrounder!

space project prf surfboard

Space Project PRF

Just reduced nose and tail volume, add more rocker to made this board more radikal, no loosing the benefits of his old brother.

longboard hav

Longboard Hav.

Classic and modern longboard mix. Catch all the waves with our longboard!

See all surfboards ....

Shaping Room

Our shaper doing his best in the workshop!.

And remember, all our surfboards are 100% hand made, no pre shape! .

Hav surfboards.

Unique costumers; unique surfboards.


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Customer Testimonails

Si queréis una tabla handmade a medida y a vuestro gusto, no fallareis. Buena gente mejores tablas, grande HAV surfboards!

Serchio Calamaro
Customer Testimonails

Pon una HAV en tu vida ! De lo bueno lo mejor y de lo mejor lo superior !!!

Sergio Ése
Customer Testimonails

Buenísimos trabajos hecho por buenísima gente !!! EL éxito está garantizado...por esto yo tengo la tabla N° 1 smile emoticon Adelante compañeros !!!

Edoardo Brodasca