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    Mini Simmons.

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Probably the most known board designed by Bob Simmos. It was at the end od the ‘40s when Bob surprise everybody with different surfboards that were the ancestors of the modern planning hulls. The amazing scientific knowledge of Bob in the fluid dynamics field bring this shaper/designer to the concept of a short, wide and flat board in order to optimize the pressure distributions under the hull. With his precise mathematical relationships, this board is a timeless treasure and at the same time an unmatched rocket that slips over the water. Simmons design these boards with two things in mind, be the first on the wave and take off at full speed! The birth of Daniel “Tomo” Thompson was still far.


short, wide and really thin!

mini simmons


Fins system
  • Glassed-in
  • FCS
  • FCS II
Fins setup
  • Twin fin
  • Quad
  • Resin tint
  • Spray

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