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    Calamita Jump.

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Calamita Jump is a board designed to maximize the fun in small waves for both pros and beginner. Flat rocker, round nose and wide tale; Paddle super strong, maximum speed and a skaty feeling that will make you end your sessions with a big smile on your face. If you are a beginner or if you want to take off hitting the lip we just only need to tune a little bit the dimensions in order to maximize the fun! You can surf the Calamita as a quad for max speed or as a thruster for smaller arcs in the pocket.

Price from 365€.


From 5'2 up to 6'3. Send us a message for more info!


Fins system
  • FCS
  • FCS II
Fins set up
  • Trifin
  • Quad
  • Trifin + Quad
  • Squash
  • Square
  • Resin tint
  • Spray

Any questions?.

calamitajump 2
calamitajump 2